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Lashing of grain

Draft Survey - determination of bulk cargo quantity loaded or discharged for the benefit of Principals. Report includes draft calculations and as an addendum, a tank sounding report for the ballast / fresh water or fuel tanks with a Letter of Reserve, if necessary.

Tally Service - cargo piece count (all steel products, general and frozen cargoes) throughout the process of loading or discharging to / from vessel holds, rail wagons or trucks; rejecting of damaged bags, cases, units etc, supported by daily reports, tally sheets and Final Tally Report. Paint separation or marking of the cargo loaded onboard can also be performed.

Re-Weighing - determination of weight, quantity of cargo by re-weighing each railway wagon, road truck or other means of conveyance during loading/discharging operations, supported by re-weighing calculations and tables, determination of average weight of bags, drums; issuing of Weight / Quantity Certificate.

Supervision of Loading / Discharging - includes round the clock control of cargo operations, noting all delays, rejecting cargo which is not in conformity with Principals instructions or contractual specification or according to mutually agreed Standards of specification and quality, followed by daily and final reports with photographs.

Superintendency of Dry Bulk Cargo - the Company is proficient in attending the loading of grains, oilseeds, pulses, fertilisers and mineral cargoes to determine weight and contractual quality. Being a registered Superintendent of GAFTA qualifies our integrity of inspection.

Cargo Damage Survey - covers a detailed report of damage ascertained, loses, reasons and cause. Investigating the reasons for the damage to the cargo, supported by evidence, documents and photographs.

Pre-loading Cargo Survey - inspecting the general condition of various cargoes (metal products, general cargoes and refrigerated products) prior to and concurrently with the loading / discharging, which includes estimation of overall degree of degrade, preliminary findings reflecting the cargo pre-loading condition and final findings which reflect the cargo loading/discharging condition at the time of the inspection and reporting.

Quantity / Quality Verification of Goods - includes supervision of loading / discharging cargo, determination the cargo quality according to agreed Clients Contract specification and standards. Rejecting cargo which does not meet the required quality specifications, issuing of Certificate of Quality/Quantity.

Loss Prevention Consultation & Practical Solution - with the wealth of practical experience that Botrans Ltd. has, we can consult with our Clients and advise ways to avoid / prevent losses of cargo and suggest the practical solutions and performance

Sampling & Laboratory Analysis - BOTRANS LTD. has it's own "In-House" laboratory which can perform analysis according to ISO Standards as well as RUSSIAN requirements to such cargoes as grain, oilseeds, other foodstuffs and fertilizers. Also, our company can provide a service by involving the resources of any local specialized laboratories.

Moreover, BOTRANS LTD. has also it's own "express" laboratory which is served for determination of grain quality arrived on car/trailers while shipment "motor transport - vessel". During such shipment the "express" laboratory keep tracking the quality of the grain and assist to organize the consignment of requested quality.

Inland Warehouse / Silo Cargo Inspection - Under the instructions of Principals, BOTRANS has the capability of inspecting grains/seeds/pulses at inland warehouses or silo, checking the Warehouse Receipts, sighting the condition of storage, assessing the physical characteristics of the product and reporting.

Lashing / Choking & Securing Supervision / Assessment - Having a wealth of practical experience supervising the loading and supervision of steels, general cargo, project shipments and heavy lift cargoes, the strength and depth of our knowledge can be drawn upon to ensure that ocean passages are undertaken with the minimum of risk and out-turn damage.


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