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On / Off Hire Survey - inspection of the vessel's technical condition at delivery / re-delivery into/from Time Charterers / Disponent Owners service, including general condition of hull, deck, cargo compartments and deck machinery, examination of certificates etc. The report provided with hard copy or digital photos of the inspected vessel and, if required, includes the issuing of Bunker Survey Report combined with a Delivery/Re-delivery Certificate.

Damage Survey - includes a detailed description of the ascertained damages to the vessel's hull, machinery or other "onboard" equipment such as deck cranes, description of repair work, supported with conclusions, evidenced with photographs. Furthermore, at the request of the Client, an assessment as to the causes of the incident can be determined.

Hatch Cover Watertight Testing - non destructive methods of water tight inspection using chalk, water or specialist ultrasound equipment, prior to loading and also could be conducted as part of the vessel's technical condition survey.

Holds / Tank Cleanliness Inspection - prior to loading, examination of the condition of cargo carrying compartments or enclosed holds / tanks, in accordance with Internationally accepted cargo transportation norms and requirements and corroborated by inspection certificate and photographic details

Sealing / Unsealing Hatch Covers & Entries - to prevent unauthorized access to the vessels cargo carrying compartments when on passage and requires applying/breaking seals to/from every possible cargo compartment access. As an addendum to the final report annexed is the "Hold Closure Seal Certificate" with a detailed description of each seal location.

Salinity Testing - to determine the presence of chloride deposits on the hold internal steelwork prior to loading a cargo of steel products, using a solution of silver nitrate, prepared in conformity with International Recognised Standards, for which a certificate from a competent laboratory will be attached. The final report also supported with the Hold Salinity Test Certificate. This testing could be also performed as part of On-Hire Condition Survey.


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