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Lasging of grain

Ullage Survey - used to determine the quantity of liquid cargo loaded or discharged. Report includes required calculations, Certificate of Quantity, timesheet and other supporting documents.

OBQ / ROB Measurements - process of calculation the material remaining in ship's tanks and pipelines, including water, oil, slops, oil/water emulsions, sludge and sediments. The survey includes accurate measurements and issuing OBQ/ROB calculation report.

Measurement Survey on Shore and Rail Tanks - in the course of this type of survey we carry out simultaneous measurements on shore tanks, railway wagons and the vessel to keep under watchful control the full scope of loading / discharging procedures.

Bunker Survey - is an ullage / sounding survey carried out to ascertain the quantity of all bunkers remaining on board at the date and hour of survey, with same to be used as a datum point for the bunkers remaining on delivery/re-delivery of the vessel to Charterers service. The Survey could be done as an integral part of On/Off-hire Survey. Alternatively, careful and controlled assessment of hydrocarbon loaded or discharged.

Liquid Cargo Damage Survey - long-tem experienced surveyors of Botrans Ltd. can determine the reasons of cargo contamination, leakage and loss of cargo. The report will include full detailed description of investigation fulfilled and laboratory analysis if required.

Supervision of Loading / Discharging - includes 24 hour control of cargo operations, noting all delays and operation procedures, followed by daily and final reports.

Sampling & Laboratory Analysis - BOTRANS LTD. has it's own "In-House" laboratory which can perform analysis according to ISO Standards as well as Russian. Standards to such cargoes as vegetable and crude oils and fuels. Also, our company has a long-term relations with a group of specialized Novorossisk and regional laboratories which can provide a corroborative service to all of our Clients.


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